” Logic is the bane of theists.” Fr. Griggs

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s big blunder is his : why is there something rather than nothing? He is using the argument from incredulity and answers with the argument from ignorance that therefore God caused Existence! This is a pseudo- answer for a pseudo- question! How could there be nothing? which is not an argument from incredulity but rests on observance and the presumption of naturalism aforementioned.
Per the naturalist atelic [ without telos, teleology, planned outcomes] , supernaturalists beg the question of those planned outcomes and that we or a similar species would evolve, which Jerry Coyne in “Seeing and Believing” and Amiel Rossow in his essay on the yin and yang of Kenneth Miller @ Talk Reason underscore in effect. See also the article @ FRDB [ Internet Skeptics] that also debunks theistic evolution.
Thus, the religious superstition ranks with its twin, the paranormal what my Facebook friend, Dr.Paul Kurtz calls ” The Transcendental Temptation,” a most worthy book.
Keith Parsons and Theodore Drange, atheologians have given up trying to persuade the cdredulous to adopt rationalism, and Parsons encourage others nevertheless to contine the fight for reason!
Viewers, what do y’all opine about this superstition? Herman, please thereto! And don’t overlook my previous efforts here!

 I had a Merry Winter Solstice and Mithra Day! So, did Herman!


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