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            Faith begs the question of its subject, and thus can never instantiate Him. Faith is the we just say so of credulity. Science is acquired knowledge whilst, as Sydney Hook notes, faith begs the question of being knowledge.

           Reason moves mountains of ignorance whilst faith relies on the argument from ignorance!

          Faith is more than just trust and embracing wholeheartedly ones God; it is the underpinning of supernaturalism with obstinancy. Alister Earl McGrath would have us think that to have faith is  just to have trust, and thus trust in Him is the same as trust in science. Nay, science embraces facts whilst no facts support supernaturalism. When people doubt that He exists, others blabber, just have faith, which means that obstinancy rather than trust as one must overcome doubts with evidence as in any rational endeavor. We naturalists don’t dwell in scientifsm that view that only science can deliver. We note other rational sources of knowledge: all which depend on evidence.

       Haughty John Haught excoriates us naturalists for not permitting other venues of knowledge, but that begs the question of  those venues of knowledge.  Fr. Lemaitre was right to tell the then pope not to seize upon the Big Bang as evidence for God. My fellow skeptic John L. Schellenberg errs in claiming that we naturalists also should not rely on contemporary science as it will ever change, but that is the glory of science! That is why we depend on it!

      We rely on whatever knowledge that can change, because we value the truth rather than the Truth for all time!

      Alexander Smoltczyk, German journalist, prattles that God is neither a principle nor an entity nor a person but the Ultimate Explanation of everything. That supports ignosticism, because if He is neither an entity nor a person, then He cannot instantiate Himself as that explanation!

     Karen Armstrong, with her apothaticism, maintains that He is neither this nor that as one cannnot explicate what He is, but thereby affriming ignosticism, because if one cannot explicate what He is, one has no case whatsoever! And I already dispose of  the case for the reverse, cataphaticism ! 

    Therefore, it seems to me, that these two and others acturally see Him as a metaphor. A metaphor for what? What we ignostics then  proclaim is that that is what Paul Edwards calls  a bombastic redefinition!

  Neither faith nor postulation nor definition can instantiate Him!

  Furthermore, it misserves people to prattle that actually they are in a relationship with  what Martin Buber calls a thou  [God]rather  than an it. Without evidence, they only are entertaining us with an imaginary friend! All relgious experience is just people’s mental states at play! To allege that we naturalists beg the question against supernaturalists as my fellow atheist Jonathon Harrison^ does is itself to beg the question, because that assumes that indeed a supernatural power can effect natural phenomena!

  We fallibilists quite openly acknowledge that we could be wrong! Nevertheless, until  supernaturalism is verified otherwise, ignosticism rules.

    ^ Harrison, ” God, Freedom and Immortality”


One response to “Outils ‹ Ignostic Morgan’s Blog — WordPress

  1. How can values emanate from a disembodied mind? By telepathy? Do people find them from their scriptures that mere people derive from their imaginations and which contain egregious morality?
    We ourselves as independent beings find our own values and purposes. As Lamberth’s argument from autonomy notes : our level of consciousness, in accordance with Morgan’s Canon and the United Nations, makes for our being autonomous beings, on no way some potter-God’s clay to do as He so wills!
    Francisco Jose Ayala, evolutionary creationist, blathers that science provides us no values and no purposes. That Nature has no values and purposes for us does not lead to the non sequitur that we have no values and purposes. Science itself doesn’t establish values and purposes, but can inform them; philosophy can help us establish both whilst religion is parasitic upon them as they predate it, and then it ensnared them.
    Ayala and others thus mistake religion for philosophy whether in cosmology or here in ethics.Plato in the Euthyphro established the independence of morality from religion, and he hated atheism!
    He cannot fathom that when such as William Provine proclaim that science finds no free will as commonly understood, that is wrong. We compatibilists – soft determinists and hard determinists find causes for our actions whereas indeterminists find no causes- contra-causal free will. We compatibilists find the determinants not as coercive whilst the hard determinists find them such. Free will for us means free choice, depending on those causes.
    To value God as the Primary Cause of values and purposes is to deny our primacy for them. People declare His values and purposes for us on what they so determine. No need exists for His being the Primary Cause for any matter whatsoever! Again, as that incoherent mind, He cannot act and thus cannot exist as we ignostics so note.
    And His contradictory nature in the Tanakh and the Christian Testament affirms ignosticism! Love thy neighbor but you can enslave here is contradictory and thus incoherent, and I came to bring a sword and you must love me more than others does not lead to enlightenment but bespeaks totalitarianism and cult of the person on which Christinsanity so rests! Double the take of the robber and turn the other cheek blasphemes morality and – humanity. Such moral incoherence!
    Viewers, what are your views? Do you agree or disagree in part or in whole?
    I dedicate this blog and another to Herman Brannan, who might himself post here with authority.
    Also found @ Word Press my blogs:
    Strato of Ga.’s Blog
    rationalist [ not to be confused with Rationalist]
    And try also:
    http:// Carneades aimoo.com and
    http:// Democritusu.,posterous.com
    I find that the Greek Atomists are ahead of any of the religious!

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